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The tech behind the LTO Wallet

by Kyle Sean

An ever-changing crypto landscape offers more approaches to capitalize on the blockchain technology with business oriented solutions like LTO. It is not just another boring token, instead, it is the currency for paying for services inside the huge LTO Network. The potential to exponential growth was held back by the limited staking functionality.

The first step into this direction was the introduction of lto wallet documentation as well as exchanging methods. Most of the investors did not hear about this token and its real value. So it requires a quick introduction as it very hard to grasp due to expansive functionality.

Notes about this blockchain project

Even before the introduction of Blockchain technologies, LTO Network Inc. were a notable players in the field of business automation. Yet they have not hesitated to reach of for new solutions and cement their leading position on the market. First, look at the various business oriented programs:

  • real-time notes;
  • all the documents were certified automatically;
  • your credentials are easy to prove;
  • own business-oriented NFT network;
  • blockchain consulting teams is ready help anyone.

These offers will help to skyrocket your business but hardly will noticeable increase the income. It is much more lucrative to but all the tokens onto LTO wallets outside the Network.

Transfer LTO natively 

The aforementioned process is much more complicated due to closed nature of the company. The developers often encourage participants to stay in the system by offering node status to people with 1000+ LTO in the wallet. Proportional to the number of tokens you have you will be reward monetary for each transaction happed on the node. There are 2 types of this token you may have on standard cold wallets:

  • ERC-20 (Ethereum);
  • BEP-2 (Binance).

Using LTO from other networks to pay for business services, you must convert them first. The procedure works both ways within the official LTO wallet! Wisely balancing between these 2 types of LTO is a key to increase your income massively.

Top LTO storage units

Official LTO Network Wallet is the only way store main LTO token. Look at the ERC-20 and BEP wallets showcase to pick up the best option for storing alternative LTO tokens:

  • Metamask;
  • MathWallet;
  • TokenPocket.

Let us not forget about hardware options from such major names as Ledger and Opolo. Unfortunately, wallets for LTO are still in development, so keep in touch with crypto news. To get them lightning-fast subscribe with your email on your favourite websites!

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