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How To Invest In GameFi? Best GameFi Crypto Tokens 2022

by Kyle Sean

How To Invest In GameFi? Best GameFi Crypto Tokens 2022

The gaming industry has taken over the world throughout recent decades. Almost every child, teenager, and even adults are into computer gaming. But what will gaming space look like in the web 3.0 environment with virtual land, and is it an excellent opportunity to earn money?

Read this article and find out perspectives on blockchain games and get ready for our useful investment advice.

Play to earn games – GameFi

Game designers invented a simple but effective principle to keep people engaged in their products – rewards. Play to earn model was widely used in thousands of video games to draw motivation for players to keep going.

Years pass, and this principle is changing, adding to a gaming experience an actual way to earn digital assets. That is basically what the GameFi industry is. You play games in GameFi space, helping developers to test and improve their products, and get rewarded with non-fungible tokens and other decentralized currency. Completing tasks can increase the costs of your in-game NFTs, turning a gaming platform into a great way to constantly improve your profit.

Safety in the world of crypto gaming

One of the most delicate topics about GameFi is security. Unfortunately, many hackers and other fraudsters keep developing schemes to steal money in this sphere.

If you want to become a GameFi investor, we highly recommend you learn about its threats and things to concern. Luckily, there is a GameFi cybersecurity article covering every important aspect you need before earning money in GameFi.

What to consider before investing in blockchain games?

Web 3.0 economic model requires every user who wants to have cryptocurrency to create a crypto wallet. Of course, this is a specific wallet, and you can’t store a fiat currency in it. Crypto wallets are highly secure and offer a software and hardware version, which you can choose based on your preferences.

Best crypto tokens for investment in the decentralized gaming industry

Knowing the basics of the GameFi industry, we can look at the most profitable tokens to invest in. These are the following tokens:

  1. Decentraland. It is a virtual space where you can buy and sell in-game assets like digital land. It can also work just like a regular game, where players can join different coop activities. Decentraland gives players voting power based on the total relevant assets connected to DAO. 1 Decentraland token costs 1.10 dollars at the moment, with a market cap of two billion dollars.
  2. The Sandbox. This is another virtual realm that is considered metaverse. This crypto platform offers users almost unlimited access to different fun-inducing activities. However, a platform is available only at alpha release; it has already grabbed significant enterprises’ attention and built a roadmap. 1 SAND token is worth 1.29 dollars, and its market cap is around 1.5 billion dollars.
  3. Axie infinity. That’s a governance token based on the crypto game. It is a downloadable game that requires you to have a crypto wallet and Metamask to play. Then you can buy an Axie pet and start your adventure. 1 AXS token costs 20 dollars, while its market cap is 1,2 billion dollars.


Economic incentives are leading to cryptocurrency exchanges, becoming a real driving factor for people to play games right now. So investors must examine a market and make a profitable deal as soon as possible.

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